Report a maintenance issue

If you are a tenant and you have a maintenance issue, please use the link below to report the issue and upload pictures and add a clear description of the issue. One of the team will arrange for a contractor to come out to you as soon as possible. If the issue is an emergency such as a Gas escape, Please call 0800 111 999 and open all windows to ventilate the property and prevent a build up of Gas that can cause an explosion. If you have a water leak you MUST turn off the stop cock which stops water from entering the property unless you are able to isolate the problem area by using an isolation valve. If the Carbon Monoxide alarm is triggered you must turn off all Gas appliances until a Gas Safe engineer has declared it Safe to use (again, open all the windows and ventilate your home). Smoke Alarm triggers should be thoroughly investigated to ensure there is no smoke or fire in the property. Battery powered smoke alarms will beep every 30 minutes or so if the battery is low, if this is occurring please notify us via the maintenance form.


Link to Report Maintenance Issues